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Attorny at Law Dr. Peter Bergt

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Profile: Dr. Peter Bergt, Attorney at Law

Dr. Bergt specializes in a variety of areas, including commercial law, contract law, damages and warranty law, and IT law. He has over 20 years of experience in litigation and has successfully represented and defended clients in court, particularly in cases involving investor litigation and white collar criminal matters.

Dr. Bergt is committed to understanding the unique needs of each client and tailoring his legal strategy to best suit their individual case. He values open communication and cooperation, and works closely with his clients to understand their specific needs and concerns.

As a lawyer licensed in Austria and registered as a Resident European Lawyer in Liechtenstein, Dr. Bergt has the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive and efficient legal advice to our clients.

Dr. Bergt’s expertise in commercial and contract law allows him to provide valuable advice and representation for businesses of all sizes, in areas such as banking and financial market law, corporate law and compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. He is also experienced in handling intellectual property matters, including disputes over patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

In addition to his commercial law practice, Dr. Bergt is also a skilled litigator, with a particular focus on damages and warranty law as well as investor litigation and white collar criminal matters. He has successfully represented clients in court, and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each individual case.

With Dr. Bergt’s extensive knowledge and experience, you can trust that your legal needs will be handled with the utmost care and attention. Whether you are an individual or an organization, Dr. Bergt will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and craft the best legal strategy for your individual case.

If you have any legal concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bergt. He is here to support and guide you through all of your legal matters, and will work with you to find the best possible solution for your unique needs.

Professional Experience:
since 2023 Public Notary (Principality of Liechtenstein)
since 2022 Founder and Equity Partner of the Law Firm Bergt and Partners Ltd., Vaduz
since 2022 Lawyer registered in the List of Resident European Lawyers in Liechtenstein
since 2013 Lecturer at the entrepreneur center of WIFI, Innsbruck, Austria
since 2007 Admitted to the Austrian Bar (Tyrol Bar Association)
2001 – 2007 Various activities as a lawyer and trainee lawyer in Innsbruck and Vienna

Professional Education:
2006 Bar examination
2002 Doctor of Laws at University of Innsbruck
2000 Master of Laws at University of Innsbruck